Fatherhood is in Crisis in America

And you can help. By using our researched and evidence-based programs, your department, agency or not-for-profit group can increase father-involvement, improve the lives of children and reverse negative trends in a startlingly wide range of social issues.


24/7 Dad®
Getting Started Guide

Thinking of starting a fatherhood program using the 24/7 Dad® program? Get started with the steps in this handy guide.


Get the Father
Absence Infographic

24 million children live without thier biological father. There is a father-factor in nearly all societal ills facing America today. See the data.


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24 million children go to bed in a fatherless home. We connect dads with their children and your donation makes you a critical part of this work.


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From raising healthy kids to how to discipline your child, take our expert advice everywhere you go, now for just $2.99 per ebook.

Customize Your Fatherhood Program


Low Intensity

NFI fatherhood skill-building resources which require minimal staff time and monetary investment, and are easily incorporated into your other organizational offerings for fathers. 

  • Brochures, Tip Cards and Posters
  • Pocket Guides
  • Interactive CD-ROMs


Medium Intensity

Fatherhood skill-building workshops and resources which require moderate staff involvement and monetary investment, and are generally shorter in delivery length.

  • The 7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad®
  • DoctorDad Workshops
  • The InsideOut Dad® Guide to Family Ties
  • FatherTopics Workshops

High Intensity

Group-based Fatherhood curricula programs which require the highest level of staff time and monetary investment, run for 12 weeks, allowing fathers to connect with one another while learning.

  • 24/7 Dad® A.M. and P.M.
  • InsideOut Dad®
  • Understanding Dad™