Earn Your Father Engagement Certificate™

Increase your credibility and father engagement skills with our new training program. Learn how to build a strong program foundation, fundraise, recruit & retain fathers, and more.

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Father Absence
Crisis in America 

There is a father-factor in nearly every societal ill facing America. Get the facts of father absence.

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Have You Had
Your Father-Friendly Check Up?

Getting fathers involved is essential for happy, healthy, well-adjusted children and families.

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Fathers Behind Bars

There is a problem in our nation's prisons. Learn the problem and get the solution for America's children.

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Addressing the
6 Protective Factors
With Fatherhood

See how Military New Parent Support Programs can address all six protective factors with resources for fathers.

e 6 Protective Factors & How NFI ‘s Fatherhood Skill-Building Resources Help New Parent Support Programs Address Them.

FatherSource™ Locator

Find Organizations who use* NFI Resources and/or Programs:

1. Enter a zip code in the search box below, then click on "search" to find organizations.
2. Next, click on the red dots on the map to view contact infomation for each organization.
3. Contact the organization directly to learn more about their current offerings for fathers.

The FatherSource™ Locator represents data through August 2014.

*Because NFI does not require membership, organizations listed may or may not be currently offering NFI fatherhood resources/programs. If you are an organization and want to add or remove your information from the FatherSource™ Locator, please click on the button below and submit the form.

Customize Your Fatherhood Program


Low Intensity

NFI fatherhood skill-building resources which require minimal staff time and monetary investment, and are easily incorporated into your other organizational offerings for fathers. 

  • Posters
  • Brochures, Tip Cards
  • Pocket Guides for Moms & Dads

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Medium Intensity

Fatherhood skill-building workshops and resources which require moderate staff involvement and monetary investment, and are generally shorter in delivery length.

  • 7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad®
  • Doctor Dad® Workshops
  • The InsideOut Dad® Guide to Family Ties
  • FatherTopics Workshops
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High Intensity

Group-based Fatherhood curricula programs which require the highest level of staff time and monetary investment, run for 12 weeks, allowing fathers to connect with one another while learning.

  • 24/7 Dad® A.M.
  • 24/7 Dad® P.M.
  • InsideOut Dad®
  • Understanding Dad™

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