Partnering with NFI means influencing parents.

As the country’s most influential fatherhood organization, National Fatherhood Initiative® helps consumer product, entertainment, and media companies market and brand their offerings to fathers and families.

Our experienced staff partners with companies to provide customized solutions and turnkey services, at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Through events, social media promotions, and custom content creation, we leverage our influence with fathers and with thousands of organizations that serve fathers and families in diverse communities across the country.

We bring three things to our partnerships:

  • Content: NFI’s evidence-based, proven resources and online content are created specifically for dads to improve their fathering skills
  • Credibility: NFI’s reputation as the #1 provider of fatherhood resources and most quoted authority on fatherhood has earned it a proven track record with corporate, government, and non-profit partners
  • Cause: NFI’s status as a 501(c)3 advocating for children and strengthening families allows corporate partners to “do well by doing good”

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A partnership with NFI means reaching and engaging fathers like no other organization in the world.

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