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Dispatch from New Dad Land

Posted by Vincent DiCaro

Vinny is 7-months-old now. Rather than trying to write a narrative with a profound theme, I will just share some observations on raising our “little boy.”

His personality is starting to emerge. Overall, he is a very happy guy who enjoys the following activities:
  • Eating finger food by grabbing as many pieces as he can fit in his hand and then clumsily smashing them into his mouth area. He usually gets one or two in his mouth.
  • Laughing at the dog when he (the dog) is jumping up and down trying to get our attention.
  • Smiling. It is pretty easy to make him smile. Sometimes, he gets really excited for no apparent reason, shaking his arms and practically hyperventilating at the site of something he finds amusing. The most recent target was his uncle, Andres.
  • Getting angry when you are not feeding him fast enough. The boy loves to eat. If you are spoon feeding him his baby food, you'd better not take too long in between spoonfuls, or he will grunt at you.
  • Raising his arms when you reach down for him. He knows when he is about to be picked up, so when you reach for him, he raises his little arms towards you in excitement. This is way too cute for words.
I will leave you with this iconic shot of him sleeping in his car seat after a trip to the county fair.

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