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Ignoring New Dads

Posted by Fatherhood Admin

We have several dads here at NFI who are expecting their second child (congrats, Paul and Mike!), and as you all know, Vince and his wife just welcomed little Vinny a couple of weeks ago.

It's interesting to hear their stories as they prep for the newborn. And it's also interesting to see how much new dads get ignored.

Several guys noticed that "dads" weren't even referred to at the hospital tour. Only "moms" and "support partners." Then, Paul's wife received a packet of information/samples, which included a teeny, tiny little brochure for him, choc-full of unhelpful, condescending information, and a url for him to visit that was centered around the word "mom."

This is part of the reason why NFI has developed our Healthcare programming and the New Dad's Pocket Guide, because we know how important it is to recognize and engage dads right from the start - in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them.

It's our goal to educate/engage dads, and to see our culture change so that dads are recognized and affirm as an important part of a child's life - right from the start. So both mom and baby get what they need - an involved, responsible, and committed father.

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