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Dad Games Week 2: Gold Medal Dads...Communicate with Mom

Posted by Ryan Sanders

describe the imageWith one week of The Dad Games of 2012 under our belts, we're ready for week 2! 

In case you missed the first week, the Dad Games challenges you to be a Gold Medal Dad in five areas of fathering. Each week we're giving Dad's a checklist of seven actions to take in order to connect with the family.

To honor your efforts, we're giving away prizes from our corporate partners, including sports memorabilia signed by celebrity athletes and free gift packs of men's skin care products. Learn more about the prizes here. 

You can enter to win by telling us about your experiences in The Dad Games on FacebookTwitter, and commenting on our blog (Get more info on how to enter here!).

This week, The Dad Games challenges you to be a Gold Medal Dad by Communicating with Mom. We're challenging you with seven actions you can take to connect with your wife/kids' mom. 

Whether you are married or not, it's important to invest in communicating with the mother of your children. When it comes to parenting, it's important your kids see you have a healthy relationship with their mom.

As we go through this week's challenge, we'll talk about marriage and divorce. We have a guest blog planned from a happily married Dad who will discuss relationship struggles with his wife and adjusting to children. We also have a guest blog planned from a single dad. He will give tips and advice on how to handle parenting when couples are separated by divorce.

For some, this may be your week to change how you relate to your ex-wife. As you read through the steps as a married person or not, us Dads will have to be creative in how to apply each of these steps. It will be work.

Use our Facebook and Twitter platforms to connect with other Dads and talk through the action steps. This is a week to get better. For some, this may be a week to start over from scratch in how you have been dealing with your child's mom. Either way, get creative and be intentional in how you connect with your wife and/or the mother of your children.

We'll help with ideas later in the week for each action step, so stay tuned. This will be a tough but rewarding week for married and divorced dads alike. 

Are you ready for this week's challenge?

Visit our Communicating with Mom page for more information and to get this week's checklist.

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