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The Dad Games Week 2 Recap: Communicating With Mom

Posted by Ryan Sanders

As week two of The Dad Games draws to a close and week three begins (tomorrow), we take a moment to look back over a busy week at how we competed in Week 2: Gold Medal Dads…Communicate With Mom challenge. We dads have shared stories and been challenged to communicate with our wives and the mothers of our children in a more intentional and impactful way. We hope you enjoyed this week and were challenged as you connected with your spouse/former spouse using our checklist. It’s been another busy week, but as we close week two, we look back over the highlights from our social platforms to see how other dads are being challenged with The Dad Games the same as you.

Let these dads encourage you to get involved with The Dad Games. There’s three weeks left! But more importantly, be inspired to spend intentional time with you kids and family. Below are highlights from week 2:

What Gold Medal Dads Are Saying on the Blog
“Wonderful reflections! Thank you! One of the programs our agency facilitates is "Cooperative Co-Parenting" for divorcing couples. If only these couples addressed the healthy of their relationship before it was too late! It's critical to keep those connections fresh and loving day by day!” –Jan from The Parenting Network

“My wife and I have been married for 6 years and together for 12 years this September. First and foremost, we are best friends. I can say that honestly. Second, we talk and respect each other. We know each other's buttons and we try not to touch them during disagreements. That is huge in my son's life and will continue to be a big influence on his future relationships. As hard as it might seem, your wife comes first. After God, of course.” –Maury from Gold Medal Dad

What Gold Medal Dads Are Saying on Facebook
“You know you are a daddy when you stop watching the opening Olympic ceremony to go read a Dr. Seuss book to your loving daughter when she is calling you to read to her… ‘The Nose Book’” Allan Mendez

“Alot of good ideas here…As far is my's the little things that count. My wife most appreciates signs of affection, gentle touches throughout the day, hand squeeze, hugs for no reason…It keeps us close. Plus it's good for the children to see their parents expressing that closeness.” Jay Viviano

“You have to make it clear to your kids that they are important, but your wife (husband) are first. We still have date nights. I count down the time the kids have left before they move out.” Charles McKay

What Gold Medal Dads Are Saying on Twitter
“Does shoe shopping count as time together? : ) We have been looking for hours.” #DadGames12 via Chris Delgado (@cdel58)

“Gold medal dad weekly activity 2. Had a date night last night going to see batman and dinner with my wife.” #DadGames12 via @TheDadpreneur

“Marriage retreat will score you 100+ man points.” #DadGames12 via Jason Bruce (@JasonBruce)

Go Team Dad!
Week 2 may be drawing to a close but you can join us for Week 3! Stay tuned for more information as we challenge you to be a Gold Medal Dad by Affirming Your Kids!

What did you find most difficult about this week’s challenge?

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