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Customized Resources with Your Logo from NFI

We Know Dads.
Let National Fatherhood Initiative® create customized, print-ready, low-intensity print materials for your organization or event!

National Fatherhood Initiative®, the nation’s leading fatherhood organization and distributor of fatherhood skill-building materials, leverages its 20 years of experience to develop custom fatherhood-focused materials for organization on topics of your choice that can include your logo, contact information, and other details about your organization, programs, and services.

You Benefit From:   

  • 20 years experience as the nation’s leading organization on promoting responsible fatherhood.
  • More than 12 years experience designing materials for fathers, including fathers of varying races and ethnicities, income, marital status, custody (custodial and non-custodial, and residence (residential and non-residential).
  • More than 12 years experience designing materials for fathers with limited literacy skills.
  • Quick turnaround.

Option A: Co-logo/brand one or more of NFI's existing resources
We add your logo and contact information to one or more of our exisiting resources and print for you. Pricing based on quantity desired.

Option B: We create and design custom resources on a topic of your choice with our added fatherhood angle/expertise
We create a new, custom brochure, pocket guide, poster, or tip card for you. You bring some (or all) content to the table, we add the fatherhood angle, and then we decide together who "owns" the file and will print it. Custom Resource Options*:   

  • Tip Cards: Single sheet, 4” x 9.25” in size, 10 tip maximum
  • Brochures: 2-panel or 3-panel, 4” x 9.25” in size
  • Pocket Guides: Up to 20 total pages (includes front and back exterior covers), 6.5” x 4.25” in size
  • Posters: 22 x 28 or 16 x 20, vertical or horizontal

Pricing: Dependent on resource desired, quantity, and who will "own" the completed file. Contact Melissa Steward for a quote on our next custom project together! | 240.912-1273

*Word count and photo selection restrictions outlined prior to start of project.


Capacity Building Workshops

Get solutions and best practices designed to help your fatherhood program succeed and thrive through our unique Capacity-Building Workshops.

Capacity-building workshops are about sustainability: sustaining your staff, sustaining your program, sustaining your success.

These workshops can help you get more and better funding to do father-specific work, and also help you understand how to sustain your father-specific work - even if you don’t have long-standing government funding for your program.

These workshops are essential if you are looking to create new programs and services for dads, or to enhance your existing work with them. 

Pricing: Capacity Building Workshop at Your Location for up to 30 attendees:
One Day $2999 | Two Day $3999 (Includes travel)

Workshop: The 7 Bright Spots to Designing Your Fatherhood Program

The 7 Bright Spots to Designing Your Fatherhood Program™ is a fun, highly-interactive one-day workshop that teaches a simple, flexible approach to the design of fatherhood programs and services…but not just any fatherhood program or service, your program or service. After all you know better than anyone the challenges you face and the opportunities that lie in front of you. You will also have the opportunity to network with and learn from others who face similar challenges and who also have a strong desire to serve fathers and their families.
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Workshop: Social Marketing for Fatherhood Programs

Perhaps the most significant challenges faced by fatherhood programs are recruitment and retention. No matter how well designed your program or service may be, if you can’t get fathers to use it or to keep coming back, you’re wasting your time. Social marketing isn’t commercial marketing. This two-day workshop shows participants the difference between getting people to switch ketchup brands and getting people to change attitudes, beliefs and behavior.
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Workshop: Community Mobilization for Fatherhood Programs

Community Mobilization For Fatherhood Programs helps your organization learn how to create lasting change in your community by working to engage all sectors of society to increase the number of children who grow up with involved, responsible fathers. Hear about NFI's work with numerous organizations over the years to successfully mobilize communities around responsible fatherhood. During this workshop you will learn about:
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Workshop: Father Friendly Check-Up

The Father Friendly Check-Up™ is a tool to help you assess the degree to which your organization's operations encourage father involvement in the activities and programs offered by your organization. It is a stepping stone to help you successfully engage dads and strengthen the families in your community! This one day interactive capacity building workshop provides solutions and best practices designed to help your fatherhood program succeed and thrive. This workshop is essential if you are looking to create new programs and services for dads or to enhance your existing work with dads.You will:
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Workshop: Building Systems that Support Marriage in Fatherhood Programs

During this one-day workshop, you will learn an eight-element system designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively build a system of support for marriage in your fatherhood program. You can apply this model regardless of the type of father(s) served by your existing or planned fatherhood program. You will be able to identify and address key issues such as:
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Fatherhood Program Planning Services

FatherServices™ puts our professional staff at your fingertips - through customized technical assistance and program planning services to help you plan and/or launch your fatherhood initiative and more effectively engage your community. We have worked with several communities/cities, states and counties on their large fatherhood initiatives.

Community Engagement and Mobilization Planning™ Service

We help bring your community fatherhood vision and initiative to life.

mobilization-planningNFI can conduct a workshop to help your agency and partners to create a Community Mobilization Approach™ (CMA) around fatherhood and assist with conducting any or all of the 3 main components: Needs and Assets Assessment, holding a Leadership Summit, and anchoring your initiative.
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Father-Readiness Assessment and Planning™ Service

It has been said, "If we fail to plan, then we plan to fail."

fatherhood-readinessNFI can help your agency (and partners) assess your father-friendliness, and create and implement a comprehensive, targeted plan to increase the readiness of an organization and its staff to engage fathers.
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State, Regional, or Community Fatherhood Program Implementation Service

They say, "Go BIG, or go home."

implementationNFI offers the country’s most widely-used fatherhood programs and we can help you implement them on a large scale across your state, region, or community. We provide you with everything needed to roll out a successful, large-scale program. In fact, two independent studies show that more federal grantees use NFI’s programs, by a wide margin, than any other program.
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Fatherhood Program Camps - Jumpstart Service

program-campsIncrease the capacity of your and your partner agencies to serve fathers with NFI’s Fatherhood Program Camps. These 2-day fatherhood program training camps combine your choice of 1 workshop and 1 curricula training and let you hit the ground running.
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Keynote or Topical Presentations

Members of our staff are available to present a Keynote speech or other type of custom presentation at your organization or conference. Please contact us to discuss details and topic.

NFI President: $5000 plus travel
NFI Vice President Level: $2500 plus travel
NFI Director Level: $1250 plus travel