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Today's dads are busy. That's why we've made it as convenient as possible for dads to take our expert-created fatherhood advice with them, everywhere they go, with our 24/7 Dad® To Go eBook Series.

We've asked dads what the most important topics are to them, and we are creating a series of eBooks to address those topics with field-tested, research-backed advice from our resident fatherhood experts. Best of all, they are available for just $9.99 each.

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Tips for Raising Healthy Kids 

Want to be healthy and raise healthy kids? A child without an involved dad is twice as likely to suffer obesity.

This eBook will teach you: 

  • The link between your health and your child's health
  • 12 ways to stay healthy
  • 14 tips for handling stress
  • 8 ways to keep your child healthy
  • Ideas for helping your child grow from birth to 18+
  • How your family can be active and healthy

Any father can help his family live a healthy lifestyle—starting today!

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How to Discipline Your Child

Need tips on raising your child?

In this ebook, you''ll find: 

  • tips for effective discipline 
  • how to reduce power struggles 
  • tips for stopping tantrums 
  • the difference between punishment and discipline
  • how to create family rules for all ages

No matter the age of your son or daughter, you can learn to raise your child effectively today!

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