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Ryan Sanders

Ryan is NFI's Communication and Cause Marketing Manager. He is married to Tonia, has two young daughters and lives in Northern Virginia.
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Feeling Overwhelmed? You're Only 6 Steps Away from Managing Work and Family!

I recently wrote 6 Steps for Stress-Less Living for In that post I wrote, "If you feel stressed out, it’s your fault." I think I still mean it. Here's why: stress happens. The only thing you can control is how you think and what you do. The following list is meant to be simple. It's meant to remind you of the things that you can control.

Day 37: Dream Bigger Than a Smaller Number #P90X3Dads

The number on the scale is a gauge for how good or bad you are doing when it comes to living healthy. But, based on my last 36 days, there are more accurate ways to measure health than simply the number on the scale. Here's what I mean...

Justin Bieber's Missing Something

Former NFI President and now board member, Roland Warren, recently wrote an article in The Huffingon Post titled "The Hole in Justin Bieber's Soul" where he explains what he thinks is missing in Bieber's life...and what us dads can learn from it.

We Now Have Proof: Father Absence Really is the Problem

Christopher Brown recently wrote "The Proof Is In: Father Absence Harms Child Well-Being" for The Huffington Post where he cites one of the most important studies done on father absence to date.

6 Ways to Show Your Child That Reading is Awesome

I love reading. I read everywhere and at anytime. Thankfully, I married a fellow bookaholic, so my wife doesn't mind my stacks of books in every corner and stair of the house. We admit, we are on a quest to make two more bookaholics in our daughters. Here are a few ways you can make your child think reading is awesome...because it is.

Celebrating 20 Years of Changing Fatherhood: Jerre Fields (Video)

Fatherhood Changes Everything… And We’ve Changed Fatherhood!

Day Zero: 'Pressing Play' on Fit Fathering with #P90X3Dads

Day Zero: I'm a husband. I'm a dad. I'm busy. I'm also the guy who quit the original P90X (because of the long workouts, promise). But, I have hope that I can still get fit and live healthy. P90X3 is my newest hope. Follow me as I write about my next 90 days. I'll write on Day 30, Day 60 and hopefully, at day 90, we'll both be more healthy.

Q&A with NFI's Newest Board Member: Fred Rege

Get to know our newest board member, Fred Rege, in 13 questions. 

Celebrating 20 Years of Changing Fatherhood: Wilburn Carver (Video)

2014 is a special year for NFI. It marks our 20th year of working to “change fatherhood” by ending father absence and connecting fathers to their children.

It Takes a Married Village to Raise a Child

Writing for The Huffington Post, Christopher A. Brown talks marriage, kids and poverty in his newest column It Takes a Married Village to Raise a Child.

NFI Launches eBook Series for Dads

The 24/7 Dad® To Go eBook Series will provide dads with practical advice on a variety of important topics related to parenting and relationships

NFI Vice President to Speak at Dad 2.0 Summit

Vincent DiCaro, the organization’s vice president of development and communication, will moderate a panel on the effects of father absence.

Celebrating 20 Years of Changing Fatherhood: Joshua Chiles (Video)

Fatherhood Changes Everything… And We’ve Changed Fatherhood!

8 Mistakes Every Good Dad Can Avoid (Book Giveaway)

Roland Warren knows dads. In his new book, he writes about dads in the Bible and their mistakes. Learn from them. Know their mistakes so you don't make them.

5 Questions Every Working Father Should Ask

Gone are the days where working fathers spent most of their time in the office. Today, there is increasing demand, both on the part of working fathers individually and on the part of society, to find more work-life balance.

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