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The Father Factor


NFI's Community Mobilization Approach Workshop

This is a guest blog from NFI Senior Program Support Consultant, Ave Mulhern

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Capacity-building is the way in which organizations build up their staff and organizational capacity to successfully run programs.

When is comes to training and serving fathers in your community, National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) wants your fatherhood program to be the best it can be, and reach as many dads as possible. That's why capacity-building is so important and will help your fatherhood program succeed, thrive, and effectively serve fathers.

To that end, please join us for NFI's Community Mobilization Approach Workshop in Germantown, MD on January 30, 2012 where you will learn how your organization can create lasting change in your community by working to engage all sectors of society to increase the number of children who grow up with involved, responsible fathers. 

Hear from Ave Mulhern, NFI's Sr. Program Support Consultant, about NFI's work with numerous organizations in the over the years to successfully mobilize communities around responsible fatherhood. 

During this workshop you will learn about: 

• How to raise up new fatherhood champions that represent all sectors of your community

• A needs and assets assessment process you can use to jumpstart a community-wide fatherhood initiative 

• Other cities, counties, and states that have successfully implemented the Community Mobilization Approach

We look forward to you dedicating your time with us!

Click Here to Learn More and Register for Our Upcoming Capacity Building Workshop>>

Creating Change in Your Organization or Community

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One of the biggest challenges in creating change in any organization is getting the right people onboard at the right time.  Helping your organization or community develop a passion for reaching fathers is no different. 

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell provides a great way to understand who you need onboard in order for responsible fatherhood to spread like wildfire.  He describes three categories of people: connectors, mavens, and salesmen.  

Connectors are people who know a lot of people.

Mavens accumulate knowledge and to whom people go if they have questions.

Salesman are people that can sell absolutely anything.

So the next time you are trying to put together either an internal team or need to assemble a group of community leaders to address fatherhood issues in your community, make sure you have an equal representation of these three categories of people.  You will increase your probability of having a much greater impact and moving closer to a tipping point for responsible fatherhood!

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