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Wednesday Rundown

Much is happening at NFI. Sometimes you just have to make a list. Here we go...the stuff you need to know and may have missed while you were busy parenting... 

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Throwback Thursday: Dance (Video)

Today we go back, way back, to the year 2006!

Check out this video showing that to be a great father, sometimes you have to dance!

As the video says, "It takes a man to be a dad!"

In the comment section, tell us: What's something fun you did with your child recently?

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Meet NFI Dad Roland Warren

dad deserves more than one day




Father's Day is over. June is on its way out the door.

But NFI made a promise, we are holding to our promise of "Celebrating Father's Month."

This is our last video interview and the last is ceratianly not least. In fact, we saved our very own NFI President for last.

Remember what this campaign was about - we at NFI think dad deserves more than one day. We featured dads throughout the month, simply as a reminder to celebrate the dads in our lives.

Today, meet Roland Warren, NFI President and Chief Dad.

Roland has two sons, ages 27 and 29. Watch Roland talk about the lamest gift he ever gave his dad, why clothes are so important for fathers (yes, clothes) and what he's most looking forward to at this stage of fatherhood (watch out Warren men!).

When you see Roland talk fatherhood, be inspired to celebrate the dad in your life today.

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Meet the rest of the NFI Dads who are Celebrating Fathers Month.

Meet NFI Dad Vince DiCaro

Dad Deserves





Father's Day may be over, but NFI is still "Celebrating Father's Month" because we think dad deserves more than one day! As you probably expected, NFI has a lot of dads on the team. 

We're featuring dads as a reminder throughout the month -- to celebrate your dad more than one day. Today, meet Vince DiCaro, NFI Development and Communications.

Vince has a son who's a toddler. Watch Vince recall stories of the lamest gift he's ever given his dad, little league baseball and one thing his dad is always saying.

When you hear Vince's stories, be inspired to celebrate the dad in your life today.  

For tips and tools on how to connect fathers with kids during this month and beyond, sign up for our Dad Email.

Meet the rest of the NFI Dads who are Celebrating Father's Month.

Fathers, President Obama & BBQ!

Our 2012 Military Fatherhood Award recipient had a big day yesterday!

First Lt. William Edwards enjoyed an extra-special lunch yesterday with President Obama (Photo: ObamaFoodorama).Edwards and Obama

Edwards was then honored at The White House where NFI's President Roland Warren presented Lt. Edwards with his 2012 Military Fatherhood Award. Warren presented the award to Edwards at The White House "Champions of Change" event.

warren and edwardsThe USA Today reports, Obama salutes Father's Day with military lunch to honor Father's Day and the military.

Obama lunched with two serviceman and a pair of local barbers involved in the administration's campaign to promote better fatherhood.

"These guys are also young fathers, and they're doing great," Obama said during the lunch at the BBQ smokehouse in northeast Washington.

Obama said: "It turns out that with the father being involved, the kids are less likely to do drugs ... girls are less likely to get pregnant. And so that message is something that we want to make sure gets out there."

Watch video of the lunch here:

President Obama does well to point out that involved fathers matter. Absent fathers change everything. From incarceration and crime to teen pregnancy and childhood obesity (See Statistics on Father Absence).

Edwards is an example of an involved father. Lt. William (Bill) Edwards of the U.S. Army is the 2012 Military Fatherhood Award Winner.

Edwards is based at Fort Jackson in South Carolina where he lives with his wife of 13 years, Esther, and their four children. Lt. Edwards uses his musical and cinematic talents to stay connected with his four children before, during, and afterhis deployments. He was deployed with the 3rd Infantry Division Band in 2007-2008 for 14 months in Iraq.

Click here for more information on NFI's Fatherhood Award.

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