Nominate a Dad for the 2013 Military Fatherhood Award!

MFA-nominate_011413-resized-216To nominate a father for the 2013 National Fatherhood Initiative Military Fatherhood Award™, complete the form below in its entirety.

  • All response fields need to be less than 800 characters each, including spaces and punctuation.  We recommend first creating and saving your responses in a Word document or other format so you can verify that the character count for each question is less than 800 and then cutting/pasting your responses to this form.
  • Self nominations will not be accepted. 
  • We will only review first complete nomination received for each nominee -- sending additional nominations will not increase the nominee's chance to be awarded.
  • Nominee must be Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard.

Please review the Terms & Conditions for further information on the selection of the Awardee and the presentation of the Award.  If you have a question that is not answered in the Terms & Conditions, contact Renae Smith at 240-912-1268 or

Thank you so much for you interest in nominating a dad and for your support of the military father in your life!

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