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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Premier Partner?
New/nascent and existing/established fatherhood initiatives that operate at a city or county level. These initiatives are typically multi-sector in nature and have organizations as participants in the initiative that provide programs and services to fathers. These initiatives can be managed/led by an individual organization (e.g. housed within an organization that acts as a “lead agency”), but they must be a distinct entity that involves other organizations and individuals in the city or county.

What is a Partner?
Individual organizations, or fatherhood and family strengthening programs within organizations, which are not necessarily part of larger fatherhood initiatives (although they can be) that provide programs and services to fathers. Organizations that do not have a distinct fatherhood or family-strengthening program may provide programs and services to fathers as part of another program that benefits fathers in some capacity (e.g. workforce development, child welfare, etc.).

Can a state or local (e.g. county or city) government agency join NFI's Partner Program?
Yes, but only at the Premier Partner level and if the agency implements or plans to implement a fatherhood effort (e.g. initiative or program) in at least one city or county. 

Are all of the benefits at the Premier Partner level available to a state or local government agency?
All but two. The opportunities to participate in NFI's point-of-sale partnership and to share in the revenue of the sale of NFI products are not available. Those benefits are restricted to nonprofits. 

Should we apply if our organization, program, or initiative doesn't have the funds to pay the annual fee right away?
Yes. Although NFI will prioritize selecting Charter Partners and Charter Premier Partners with the ability to immediately pay the annual fee, we might invite an entity to join the program even if it cannot pay the fee right away. (Benefits will not be available until an entity pays the annual fee.) Part of the application for both types of partners involves specifying when an entity can pay the fee. 

How do I apply?
Please download and return the RFP which can be accessed here.