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Dads Playbook Podcast with NFL quarterback, Mark Brunell. Week 8: Having a great marriage

Posted by Vincent DiCaro

Welcome to the eighth installment of our 10-week podcast series, "Dads Playbook, featuring NFL quarterback Mark Brunell."

We know from research that children do best, on average, when they grow up with two, married parents. We also know that, on average, children with married parents have closer relationships with both their mothers and fathers than children whose parents are not married. In other words, the institution of marriage is pivotal in helping both moms and dads give their children what they need.

Let's hear what Mark has to say about how his marriage has helped him be the best dad he can be for this kids.

Click here to download the podcast on Mark’s game plan for being an All-Star Dad when it comes to making the most of your marriage.

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