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Michael Vick's Father

Posted by Vincent DiCaro

As news comes out today about Michael Vick's release from prison, I am reminded of some of the fatherhood angles that surfaced when Vick was first indicted in the dog fighting scandal.

Vick's father,
Michael Boddie, is "estranged" from him and his mother. It is hard coming by specifics about what exactly that means or what happened. Vick's parents were married at one point, but something happened that caused a rift in this family.

Vick's father has asked him for money over the past several years, and Vick has apparently refused, only giving him enough to pay his rent. There is something going on there ...

I can't help but think that Vick's issues with his father are connected to his issues with the law, with his cruelty to animals, etc. It may sound like a stretch, but when that central relationship in your life is torn, it can do a lot of damage to your soul and your psyche.

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