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When fathers are involved in their children’s lives, it helps their children’s healthy development.

While I’m sure that’s not news to you, it’s helpful in your work with dads to keep that vital fact at the forefront of your mind. And it’s helpful to have resources at your fingertips that connect dads and their children in a way that benefits healthy child development.

That's why we created Helping Children Grow Through Fun Dad-Child Activitiesfor use with the dads you serve. It’s a free guide you can use with groups of dads, with an individual dad, and as a self-paced resource. In fact, we created two versions of it, one for you to facilitate with dads and a self-paced version you can give to dads.

NFI partnered with Dr. John Holmberg in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver to create the guide. It helps dads make the most of their quality time with their children through fun age-appropriate activities that build togetherness between dads and their children. Activities are divided into the following age groups or “phases of development.”

  • Infancy
  • Preschool
  • Elementary school
  • Middle school
  • High school

Here are just a few ways you can use the guide:

  • With groups of dads in a fatherhood program or workshop (e.g., integrate them into a session on child development/growth or after dads have completed it to continue their learning)
  • With groups of dads at a conference (e.g., fatherhood conference for dads in the community)
  • With groups of dads at a community fair or other event (e.g., for families) sponsored or attended by your organization
  • With groups of dads at a school event before, during, or after school
  • With groups of incarcerated dads during a dad-child or dad-family day at a correctional facility
  • With one dad, someone you’re mentoring or working with in some other capacity (e.g. as his case manager)
  • As a graduation gift for completing a fatherhood program
  • Share it on your website as a free, self-paced resource for dads

And the best part of this guide? Dads learn about the benefits of dads’ play with their children and how their children develop at different ages—all why having fun with their children and helping their children develop in healthy ways!

Don’t hesitate to download the facilitated and self-paced versions today.

Are you looking for a resource on things that dads can do with their children to facilitate healthy child development?

Are you looking for such a resource that you can facilitate with dads or give to dads as a self-paced guide?