7-Week $167K Challenge


Please give $50 toward our goal.

Every child deserves an involved dad. We work hard at our mission to end father absence by creating more involved, responsible, and commited dads.

Indeed, as a non-profit organization, we must be financially responsible and make hard decisions.

After 20 years of serving the nation, we recently made an important decision to terminate our lease and relocate our office. While downsizing is never easy, this was no doubt the right decision to position us to continue our mission for years to come.  

What does this hard decision mean for NFI?

We now have far less money for general operations, and for creating resources and tools for dads and organizations (who work with dads). They rely on us as the go-to provider on all things "how to be a great dad".

Please give $50 to our future.

Our children's future. Society's future. Your future.

We rely on support from individuals like you. If everyone gives just $50, we will reach our fundraising goal in no time.

Here's to 20 more years!