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Community-Based Program Successes


The Parenting Network, Milwaukee, WI: Meeting a Community’s Growing Need to Serve Fathers

As The Parenting Network learned more about the challenges facing its community of Milwaukee, WI, they realized that the scarcity of programs for dads was a serious problem. More systems in the community recognized the critical role that fathers play in their children's lives, but there were no programs to meet that need, and the increasing frequency of single mother homes was adding to the urgency of providing support to fathers. The Parenting Network turned to NFI to help them meet their changing community's needs.  >>Read the entire case study here

ParentWise, Greensburg, PA: Integrating Diverse Fatherhood Services into the Work of a Large Community-Based Organization 

ParentWise, a program of Family Services of Western Pennsylvania, needed to meet two specific needs: 1) they wanted programs designed specifically for dads, and 2) they needed to use an evidence-based program for their work in jails. NFI worked with them to deliver on those needs, and more.  >>Read the entire case study here

Family Strides, Torrington, CT: Providing Dads With an Alternative to the Child Support System

Family Strides was seeing a pattern in its community - the only place that was serving fathers was the child support system, and the only place to send fathers who were not paying child support was prison. They also saw a challenge with the fathers they wanted to serve; the dads thought that the only responsibility they had was to pay child support or otherwise provide financially to their children. NFI worked with Family Strides to create "another option" for dads in their community.  >>Read the entire case study here

Wiregrass Hope Group: Building a Foundation to Serve Fathers Across the Community

Wiregrass Hope Group was serving families, but they were not serving fathers. And they saw the limits of that approach. As they realized that father absence was a root cause of their community's problems, they turned to NFI to help them build a fatherhood program. >>Read the entire case study here

First Things First of Richmond, VA: Creating a Diverse Coalition of Partners to Serve Dads

Reacting to problems of high out-of-wedlock birthrates and high levels of father absence, unemployment, and poverty, First Things First began to build a diverse, broad coalition of partners across the Richmond, VA area to ensure that fathers would have access to a variety of helpful programs. >>Read the entire case study here