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Address Criminogenic Needs

Address Criminogenic Needs

Working with incarcerated men, specifically around their fatherhood role, has many benefits. In particular, the InsideOut Dad® Program has a cognitive-behavioral basis/foundation and addresses several criminogenic needs of incarcerated fathers.

Principally, InsideOut Dad®  addresses the family/marital domain that is concerned with an offender's family relationships. “Needs indicators” include relationships with parents and siblings, absence of parents, history of family abuse and/or criminality, marital history, dependents and parenting skills, and involvement in child abuse. (In fact InsideOut Dad® addresses most of these areas.)

Further, programming that focuses on building support from the offender's family members, teaching parenting skills, and reinforces offender responsibility for dependent children and directly addresses family dysfunction all help to address Criminogenic Needs.  InsideOut Dad® does these things things in a comprehensive way.

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