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Programs for Short-Stay Facilities


Programs for Short-Stay Facilities

Just because a father is in a jail or short-term stay facility (such as a Halfway House or Rescue Mission), doesn't mean he can’t benefit from programs, workshops, or other fatherhood skill-building resources that can help him be a better dad. Research shows that fathers who connect with their children (and families) prior to release have a higher likelihood of staying out of jail/prison.

NFI offers many fatherhood skill-building resources that can fit, or can be adapted to, this type of transient environment:

  • To shorten NFI’s evidence-based, InsideOut Dad® 12-week group based Program for your jail or short-term facility, download our FREE program supplement, The InsideOut Dad Guide for Jails™. This free supplement will teach you how to consolidate the InsideOut Dad® Program from 12 weeks to 6 or 8 weeks.
  • Some Halfway Houses or other reentry facilities choose to use the full 24/7 Dad® Program which helps all types of fathers become better dads.
  • Another option for transient contexts is to offer half, or 1-day, workshops on fatherhood-related topics.  Or you can break it up into shorter, one hour sessions. For example, The FatherTopics™ Collection for Non Custodial Dads covers important topics for the transient audience such as child support, workforce development, money management, and more. These workshops contain reproducible handouts for the dads you are working with.
  • Also, the self-paced InsideOut Dad® Guide to Family Ties is an excellent resource that fathers can work through on their own (not a group based program, no facilitator required.) This guide helps incarcerated fathers learn the importance of getting in touch - and staying in touch - with their family, maybe even for the first time. It also helps them create strong ties between themselves and their children, and between themselves and the mother(s) of their child(ren).