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Successful Reentry


Successful Reentry

Successful reentry is one of the greatest challenges facing America today, especially the future of our children. In fact, the greatest predictor of whether a child will wind up in prison is whether his parent(s) – namely the father – was in prison. Despite the daunting challenges that fathers face upon their release, did you know that giving incarcerated fathers a vision that they have a unique and irreplaceable role in the life of their child and when dads connect with their children and families (especially prior to release,) they’re more likely to stay out of prison? It’s true!

Further, housing, transportation, and a job are the three most critical and immediate needs of an ex-offender. And these are exactly the types of environments where fatherhood programming fits. One of the best ways to do this is through programming that ties into “wrap-around services” that address the many challenges ex-offenders face, all the while well as helping them be better dads. If you think about it, when a dad really cares and has a connection with his child and family, he can be more motivated to seek and secure the aforementioned needs so that he can “do right” by his kids and family.

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