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Father Engagement Certificate Sessions

The Father Engagement Certificate Training is made up of 5 on demand training sessions that you can watch at your own pace. They focus on 5 core competencies for effective father engagement.

NFI honed in on these 5 important areas during the 5-year federally-funded National Responsible Fatherhood Certification College attended by nearly 125 organizations. Now available publically for the first time, you will learn these extremely valuable father engagement techniques and strategies.

Session Descriptions

 A Strong Foundation: How to Create a Father-Friendly Organization
This session helps you create a father-friendly organization from a holistic perspective, with a focus on four areas for improvement that create an organizational culture that supports exceptional fatherhood programs and services. Learn the 8 Pillars of Leadership and no-cost and low-cost tactics to help your organization become father friendly, and also about The Father Friendly Check-Up™: the most widely used tool in the nation that helps organizations become father friendly. Case Studies of how other organizations have successfully used this tool will also be covered.

 Program Design: 7 Best Practices in Designing a Fatherhood Program
This session provides you with a simple, flexible approach based on 7 Best Practices to design an exceptional, unique, community-based fatherhood program. Learn about “blind spots” that hinder organizations in creating effective fatherhood programs, resources NFI has designed to help organizations leverage and unlock the power of the 7 Best Practices, as well as other Best Practices that might be right under your nose.

 Recruitment & Retention: How to Think Like a Marketer When Marketing a Fatherhood Program
This session helps you think like a marketer to more effectively market a fatherhood program. It covers important behavior-change theories and how they contribute to marketing a fatherhood program, the role of the “marketing mix” in marketing a fatherhood program (the 7P’s of marketing a fatherhood program), and the role of technology in promoting a fatherhood program.

 Involving Moms: How to Work with Moms to Encourage Father Involvement
This session covers the “why” and “how” to involving moms in encouraging father involvement. Learn about the 5 Aspects of Family Life associated with father involvement, and how to use “intensity levels” to assess how you should approach involving moms. Also learn why training female staff to more effectively engage fathers is so important, and about a free resource from NFI that will help you train female staff to more effectively engage fathers.

 Fundraising: How to Develop a Funding Plan for a Fatherhood Program
This session helps  you think through how you will fund your fatherhood program, and covers the importance of a Fund Development Plan. You will learn about the nuances of raising funds from individuals and foundations, as well as how to profile, research, select, and engage different types of funders/funding streams. Thinking through your funding options will help you prepare to launch a successful - and sustainable - fatherhood program.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Purchase the On Demand Father Engagement Training in our online store here.
  2. Check your email for instructions on how to view the on demand Father Engagement training courses on our website.
  3. Pass a simple exam ensuring you have gained the required knowledge.
  4. Receive your electronic, PDF Father Engagement Certificate bearing your name, plus a web badge you can proudly display on your resume, social media profile (i.e. LinkedIn), business card, or email signature line. Heck, you could print it out and hang it on your wall! Your certificate will never expire. 

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