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Posted by Melissa Steward

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Jan 13, 2016

In my almost four years of working at National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), I've learned that every dad struggles with being a great dad. Often, us dads make connecting with our children too complicated. We think we have to plan some major vacation or spend a fortune. We're lying to ourselves. What if we could simply change our fathering habits? This tool can help. 


Christopher A. Brown, NFI's President, wrote a post title Keystone Habits in his Research to Application series. The idea was this, and my words are less eloquent than Mr. Brown's, so read his post to get the full idea.

Essentially, there exists these "keystone habits" that roll up into other habits. Say you decide to exercise. The habit of exercise lends itself to other healthy habits.

We humans tend not to simply exercise habitually and do everything else unhealthy. No, a person who creates a habit of exercising tends to find out quickly the importance of drinking more water, eating more get the idea. This one habit will often change lots of other habits. 

Mr. Brown points out that good fathering can be viewed as a keystone habit. If you create good fathering habits, you're more likely to create better outcomes for any number of other parts of your life and those around you.

We know when dads are involved with their children, there are numerous positive behaviors both for dad, mom, and child. For instance, when dad is involved, his child more likely to do well in school. 

Consider the value of creating simple fatherhood habits. We are what we repeatedly do. We can start being better dads and then repeat. This is the way we actually become better fathers. This free app uses this idea of creating habits. Using checklists you can identify actions to take daily, weekly, monthly and/or one time, to be a better dad. 

The fatherhood leader can use our free 24/7 Dad® To Go Android App to extend the impact of our 24/7 Dad® program. Everyday dads can use the app to build a solid foundation for good habits. The app includes links to information on NFI’s website keeping you and the dads you serve connected to the latest practical advice and guidance on how to be a 24/7 Dad.

What's one habit you can start today that will help you be a better dad?    

Free Download > Access our 24/7 Dad To Go App at the Google Play store.

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