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Reminder > Request for Applications to Start or Expand 24/7 Dad®

There's still time to apply! Applications are due to NFI by Midnight Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, October 1, 2017.

National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) seeks applications from organizations that want to partner with NFI to expand the evidence-based 24/7 Dad® program within the community or communities they serve in select Midwestern states.

[Video] What Young Dads Have to Say about Serving Them

In June of this year, I had the honor to present during a webinar sponsored by the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP). The webinar focused on how child welfare organizations and professionals can more effectively engage and serve young dads (under age 26). I shared how:

FRPN Free Webinar > Two Generation Strategies to Engage and Serve Low-Income Fathers

NFI President Christopher A. Brown sits on the Fatherhood Research & Practice Network (FRPN) advisory committee. FRPN has announced their next (and ninth!) free webinar for researchers and practitioners.

Can a Woman Facilitate a Fatherhood Program as Effectively as a Man?

I get asked this question often during my trainings. My answer is always an emphatic, “Yes!”

I see many examples of successful fatherhood groups facilitated by women. In fact, you can find some of these facilitators on our Stories of Impact page. Check out the videos called Maine DOC, Fatherhood Initiative, and Fresno EOC.

A New Way to Engage Dads Using Online Learning

Maybe online learning isn't something familiar to you, or maybe you're unsure how it could fit into your organization's programs for fathers.

We can help answer those questions and more with our upcoming webinar: An Introduction to Fathering in 15™ on Wednesday September 27 at 2pm EDT.

Learn more and register today!

Request for Applications > Start or Expand ​Your 24/7 Dad® Program

National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) seeks applications from organizations that want to partner with NFI to expand the evidence-based 24/7 Dad® program within the community or communities they serve in select Midwestern states.

The Future of Father Engagement is Here > Fathering in 15™

Likely, you’ve heard about our newest online resource for dads, Fathering in 15™. We’ve already had a number of organizations who are committed to the future of father engagement subscribe to this one-of-a-kind resource for dads!

In today's post, I want to share more details with you about exactly how this learning experience for dads works.

To begin, there are 15 topics covered, each using a similar format to make learning easy. Dad can complete each topic in about 15 minutes. There is also no facilitator required, meaning dads can go through it at their own pace. They can work on Fathering in 15™ on a computer or mobile device your center or organization, or you can assign dads to go through of Fathering in 15™ from afar (at home, on their home computer or mobile device). It can even be used in a correctional facility where web-based learning is accessible.

Let's dig in together to take a closer look at the future of father engagement.

When You Don't Have Staff to Run a Fatherhood Program

You've got dads to serve, but no budget to hire staff to run a fatherhood program?

Do not fear, the future of father engagement is here!

We've heard your requests for something for dads that doesn't require curriculum or a facilitator. Something that is interactive and engaging that helps dads learn how to be better dads. So we created it.

Introducing Fathering in 15™, an affordable, interactive, online learning experience for organizations to use with the dads they serve. It enables dads to gain the knowledge and skills they need to play an engaged role in their children’s lives – from any location – at any time.

Fantastic Data Sources on Child Well-Being

When I say “kids count,” what pops into your head? Write it down before you continue to read this post.

If you wrote something like:

  • Children are our future,
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…or
  • Of course kids matter, you idiot,

I won’t take offense…well, maybe a little offense, if you insulted my intelligence. (Only my wife and kids are allowed to insult my intelligence.) 

Seriously, though, when I say “kids count,” I refer to the outstanding annual publication called Kids Count from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, arguably the most well designed publication on national and state level indicators of child well-being.

[Free Resources] The Role of Mentoring in Reentry

A fatherhood program should never stand alone.

Think about that statement for a moment. What does it mean?

It means you should implement a fatherhood program within a broader array of programs and services that meet fathers’ needs beyond their role as a dad and that, at the same time, help them fulfill that role.

Using Facebook Ads to Recruit Dads > The 7th Step

On Tuesday, I blogged about 7 Steps to Using Social Media to Enhance Program Delivery. If you missed that post, I highly encourage you to read it first, here.

If you did read it, you might remember that I left you with a cliffhanger on Step 7: Using Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are the newest "rage" for online advertising, mainly because Facebook is such a widely used social platform, and because their ads are quite budget-friendly.

Facebook Ads offer a unique channel for you to recruit dads because you have a lot of control over who sees the ad—meaning, you can target the specific types of dads you want to recruit into your center or program based on age range, interests, geographic location, and more.

So are you ready for the low-down on Facebook Ads? Here we go!

7 Steps to Using Social Media to Enhance Program Delivery

An important (if not the most important) aspect of running a successful fatherhood program is engaging participants. Whether it's existing clients or new clients, you need to meet them where they're at and engage with them beyond the doors of your center. 

That's where social media can play an important role in your success. And we're not just talking recruiting and retaining dads, but also delivering and reinforcing program content. But where should you begin? Which social media channel should you use? And who in your organization will do it?

Recently I presented on this very subject during a session at the Biennial Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood (HMRF) Conference in D.C. along with NFI Board Member, Maggie Spain. I will share the 7 steps we covered in the presentation here.

The Hidden Expense of Fatherless Families

Article originally posted by The Washington Times here. Re-posted with permission from Roland Warren.

Several years ago, my youngest son and I began a regular practice of packing several backpacks with packaged food, toiletries and small Bibles, and heading to downtown Washington, D.C. to pass them out to the homeless. Most of the people we met were men, and soon I discovered something that truly surprised me.

Most of these men were fathers.

I remember a conversation with one homeless father who was in his early 50s, like me. He told me that he had been living on the streets for several years. When I queried him about his family, I was stunned to learn that he had seven adult children who lived in the D.C. area. However, he said he would not contact them because their relationship had frayed badly over the years. 

The Two Factors that Affect How Much Dads Invest in Their Children

Dads “invest” in their children. An interesting choice of words, don’t you think?

Actually, it’s not that interesting. The involvement of dads has been most often linked, historically speaking, to how well they provide financially for, or invest in, their children and family.

Fortunately, a social norm has started to form that values a more holistic notion of what it means for dads to invest in their children.

How Family Practitioners Can Help Dads with Child Support Issues

If you have fathers in your program who have a legal obligation to make child support payments, you are not alone. In fact, most fatherhood programs who do work with dads are in this situation.

In this post, we'll cover a number practical things and community partnerships you can establish to help these dads with the issues they face.

The Father Factor Blog > Everything You Need to Serve Fathers.

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