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The Father Friendly


Free Father Friendly Check-Up™

Our free Father Friendly Check-Up™ (FFCU) is a Low Intensity tool designed to help you determine just how father friendly your organization is! This assessment allows you to analyze your physical environment/location, organizational philosophies, staff attitudes, and more to determine your score.

For a more comprehensive approach to assessing your organization's father friendliness, please explore NFI's Father-Readiness Assesment. This High Intensity approach allows for a more robust father friendly assessment, combined with NFI staff involvement and support in developing a plan to take your organization to the next level to serve fathers.

Why Take the Free Check-Up?

Father involvement is critical for your organization in many ways. Getting fathers involved is essential for happy, healthy, well-adjusted children and families.  When dads aren't involved, children are more likely to:

  • engage in drugs, alcohol, violent crimes, and other harmful behaviors
  • drop out of school
  • live in poverty
  • face teenage pregnancy
  • struggle with depression and even commit suicide

The Father Friendly Check-Up™ is a stepping stone to help you successfully engage dads and strengthen the families in your community!  This tool helps you assess the degree to which your organization’s operations encourage father involvement in the activities and programs offered by your organization.

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What do Organizations do after taking the FFCU?

Below are case studies highlighting strategic plans utilizing key NFI resources that organizations implemented after completing the Father Friendly Check-Up™.

The Children's Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

Serves children with special needs and their families. Now offers NFI’s Doctor Dad™ and use Boyz to Dads™.
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Clinical Outcomes Group, Inc., Pottstown, PA

Created countywide Fatherhood Task Force to raise awareness of the importance of fathers and began running NFI’s 24/7 Dad™ for organizations.
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Community Action Inc., Beloit, WI

Now provides enhanced parenting and fathering skills while helping them develop job skills. Uses several NFI curricula including The 7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad™ and Understanding Domestic Violence™ workshops.
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PCC of Witchita, KS

Historically served mothers, with little or no outreach to fathers. Now offers several classes for fathers including NFI’s 24/7 Dad™ and Doctor Dad™.
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