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Improve Child Well-Being

Improve Child Well-Being

24 million children in America, that’s one in three, live apart from their biological fathers. In urban communities, the father absence rates are closer to 80 percent. Sadly, 18+ million of these children have limited contact with their nonresident dads. This leads to a number of risks to a child’s health and well-being. There is a direct correlation between child well-being and improving the skills of fathers and helping them understand the importance of their role in their children(s) lives.

For example:

  • Children from father-absent homes are two times more likely to be obese
  • The poverty rate among children in father-absent homes is 4 times higher than among children in two-parent homes

Since the mid-1990s, National Fatherhood Initiative has assisted many community-based organizations in their efforts to improve child well-being by connecting fathers to their children. Our experienced fatherhood specialists can work with you to create a customized solution to meet your specific community needs, build on our evidence- and research-based, field-tested programs.

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