All About InsideOut Dad® Third Edition

cna-200-InsideOut-Dad-3rd-kit_eb_sealOn-Demand Webinar:
Learn All About
InsideOut Dad® Third Edition.

NFI recently released the third edition of InsideOut Dad®. The most widely used parenting program designed for use with incarcerated dads, this evidence-based program helps develop the pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes, and skills incarcerated dads need to successfully reenter the lives of their family and community. NFI has trained more than 1,900 facilitators from more than 800 corrections facilities and community-based organizations to run it.

Presented by NFI President Christopher Brown in this 45-minute webinar answers these two questions:

  • Why did NFI create this new edition?
  • Why should you use this new edition?

In addition to these questions, Christopher describes:

  • Why NFI created this new edition
  • The process NFI used to create it
  • Improvements to the program
  • Training on the program
  • The cost to purchase and acquire it

Whether you currently run the program or not, we encourage you to view this on-demand webinar.

Access the on-demand webinar: