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Manager Anger, Depression, Stress

Manage Anger, Depression, Stress

Military dads can become be angry, stressed, or depressed as a result of their experiences during deployment. NFI’s 24/7 Dad® Program teaches that part of being a good dad is understanding that one has to take care of himself. He has to address his own health (physical or mental), and that addressing these concerns can impact one’s ability to father.

A military dad could also be angry, stressed or even depressed due to challenges in his fathering journey. He might be angry about fights over parenting with his spouse or fights with teenagers about his fathering. He might be stressed because he is unsure about how to care for his infant child. He might even be depressed as a result of separation from his kids because he is no longer with them. This causes him a distraction in his everyday work role.

Fathers can benefit from increased skills around their role as a man, as a father, husband and/co-parent. With enhanced skills come increased confidence, and a motivation to be the man and father his children need him to be. This can lead to healing and a more positive outlook on his meaning in life. (Of course, if there is a concern around Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), fathers should of course seek professional medical attention.)

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