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Spiritual/Faith Support

Spiritual/Faith Support

Chaplains provide counseling services to military dads and families, and this is an ideal environment to present military dads with information on and skill-building materials to help dads be better dads.

In addition, if a family is struggling, engaging dad in his responsibilities as a father, his role of protector, and the benefits of embracing his fatherhood role, can help to improve family life over all.

Sometimes Chaplains will engage with military fathers that are struggling particularly in their roles as fathers. Chaplains and military dads would benefit from receiving simple, skill-building materials that can help dad be better father, communicate and co-parent with the mother of his children, and learn how to connect with and care for his children.

In addition, for Chaplians and military dads that want to improve their fathering journey from a Christian perspective, NFI’s 24/7 Dad® Power Hour helps men to become better dads based on Christian principles of involved, responsible, committed fatherhood.  Men explore God's intention for fathers and families through one hour gatherings, video, and podcasts.

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