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Marketing and Training Coordinator
Job Opening [March 2023]


Position Title: Marketing and Training Coordinator (MTC)
Location: Remote
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST; Monday - Friday
Travel Varies: Once every 2 months
Starting Salary: $40,000
About National Fatherhood Initiative®
National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) is the nation's leading non-profit working to increase father involvement by equipping city, state, and community partners to intentionally and proactively engage fathers in their programs and services. Since 1994, NFI has been the most trusted source of research on the effects of father absence on children and the benefits of father involvement through its Father Facts publication.
Rooted in the aforementioned research, we are a small, solid team of dedicated individuals working to delight our partners by equipping them with the awareness, knowledge, skills, and resources they need to be more father-inclusive and succeed with fatherhood programs and initiatives. At NFI, you will make a huge difference in the lives of children, fathers, families, and communities across the nation by helping to increase the number of organizations that intentionally and proactively serve fathers.
NFI is an equal-opportunity employer. Our hiring practices do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, marital or parental status, political affiliation, military service, or other non-merit-based factors. NFI provides a generous set of benefits that include options to participate in a retirement plan (403b), health insurance, short- and long-term disability, and discount dental and vision plans.
Job Description
The Marketing and Training Coordinator (MTC) supports the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with marketing tasks that include weekly marketing emails, blogs, social media posts, and monthly direct mail campaigns. The MTC supports NFI’s Training Director, and other staff trainers, by coordinating logistics for in-person and webinar training events on NFI programs and other father-engagement topics. The MTC also manages other business-critical administrative functions, such as answering phone calls to NFI’s main line and responding to individuals who complete contact forms and engage NFI in live chats. The MTC is an entry-level position. NFI seeks a person willing to advance in responsibility who is digitally-savvy—someone who can learn our multi-platform, cloud-based technology system quickly, a vital skill set in coordinating our marketing and training tasks successfully.

Marketing Responsibilities

  • Supports the CMO with a wide range of marketing tasks, including creating and posting content for marketing emails, blogs, and social media posts in Hubspot (NFI’s inbound marketing and customer relationship management system), and assists with website edits.
  • Manages and schedules monthly direct mail campaigns with Postalytics (NFI’s direct mail vendor).
  • Manages marketing lists including compiling new lists, managing existing lists for accuracy, and acquiring purchased lists.
  • Monitors marketing analytics to understand how NFI’s inbound and outbound marketing activity turns leads into partners (NFI’s term for customers) and helps refine processes to convert leads into partners.
  • Runs reports on marketing activities (e.g., workflows, emails, and direct mail) and uses that data to help inform NFI’s marketing and sales spending (e.g., content and design).
  • Other marketing tasks as needed.

Training Responsibilities

Custom Training Webinars (scheduled throughout the year):

  • Supports the trainer in preparing custom webinars for partners that purchase training (e.g., sets up trainings in Zoom and Eventbrite and shares registration links with the trainer to share with a partner).
  • Supports the trainer on days of webinars by introducing the trainer, covering logistics, and taking attendance.
  • Manages attendee receipt of certificates of completion for attending trainings; for registrants that miss trainings, coordinates reviews of the recorded version in Thinkific (NFI’s platform for recorded trainings) to ensure those registrants complete missed trainings.

Public Training Webinars (scheduled throughout the year—typically 12 in total):

  • Creates training events in Eventbrite (NFI’s platform for registrations to attend public trainings) after NFI selects dates on which to hold them (e.g., sets up the training, automated emails, attendance tickets, Zoom links, certificates of completion, etc.),
  • Manages pre-training and post-training activities (e.g., delivers the registration list to the trainer prior to the training, enrolls registrants who missed the training to complete the recorded version in Thinkific, ensures the distribution of certificates of completion, etc.).
  • Supports the trainer on days of webinars by introducing the trainer, covering logistics, taking attendance, and contacting missing registrants as needed to assist them with logging in.

In-Person (On-Site) Training Institutes (scheduled throughout the year):

  • Supports the trainer by coordinating training site logistics with the main partner contact (e.g., selection of the training location, how to register participants, sending handouts to registrants prior to the training, etc.).
  • Coordinates curriculum and other material shipments to the training site.
  • Ensures each attendee receives a certificate of completion.

Other Administrative Tasks

  • Manages/Staffs NFI’s “live chat” on its primary website – – and on the website of NFI’s resource center –
  • Responds to email inquiries that come to and, when necessary, direct inquiries to the staff person who can best respond.
  • Answers NFI’s main phone line and responds to after-hours voice messages (average of two per day).
  • Coordinates mailing partner order invoices and responses to letters from incarcerated fathers.
  • Processes check deposits and posts the deposit ticket with matching invoices on NFI’s Google Drive.
  • Removes partners from mailing lists (upon partner request).
  • Assists with administrative tasks for projects funded by public (e.g., government agencies) and private funders (e.g., foundations).
  • Other administrative tasks as needed.

Required Education, Experience, and Skills

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in business or a similar field.
  • Experience: 1-2 years of work in an office doing marketing, training, administrative, or customer support tasks.
  • Skills: Friendly, outgoing, excellent speaker, attention to detail, organized. Ability to quickly learn processes and technology platforms. Experienced in Microsoft Office, webinar delivery platforms (e.g., Zoom and GoToWebinar), Google Workspace (e.g., Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Sheets), and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms (e.g., Salesforce and Hubspot).

Desired Experience

  • Zoom, Eventbrite, Hubspot CRM, Thinkific, and marketing automation (e.g., Hubspot and Marketo.)

Characteristics, Values, and Research-Informed Views
This is a remote position, so you should be self-sufficient and self-motivated, and comfortable interacting with co-workers through video and phone calls with few opportunities for face-to-face interaction. (NFI holds an annual in-person staff retreat.) You must welcome a role that is fast-paced and driven by goals, priorities, and key results. You must be able to receive criticism and feedback about your work gracefully. Your values must align with NFI’s Core Values. (See the description above the listing of our staff at Finally, your views—particularly on the well-being of children, families, and communities—must be supported by research and evidence. They must align, for example, with the wide breadth of population-based research that shows children with an involved father are more likely to realize a range of positive physical, socio-emotional, academic, and economic outcomes than are children with an uninvolved father. They must also align with the wide breadth of population-based research that shows children who grow up with their two married parents are more likely to have positive outcomes than children who grow up without their two married parents.

To apply, please submit the following to

  • Cover Letter: Include the name(s) of the marketing and sales software you have experience with. Include the length of your experience with it (them) and exactly how you have used it (them).
  • Resume
  • Provide examples or samples of your experience with marketing or administrative tasks, and specifically, any that relate to the abovementioned tasks.
  • An original blog post/article of 500 words explaining why fathers matter to child well-being. Give the post/article a title, incorporate at least one quote from a reputable source, and notate references for at least two sources.

NFI will not accept incomplete applications and is not accepting phone calls about the position. Applicants will be contacted if they are selected for an interview.