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10 Ways Paternity Leave Helps Dads, Moms, and Families


Dad, paternity leave allows you to bond with your baby right from the start. It also helps mom bond right from the start. Based on various research, here are 10 ways that bonding early with your baby helps. 

For You:

  1. It helps you to be more involved early and as your baby grows.
  2. It helps you to nurture and care for your baby.1
  3. It raises the chance that you will be happier and have fewer health problems.2
  4. It can lead to a stronger relationship with your baby.3

For Your Baby:

  1. They are more likely to be healthy as a baby.4
  2. It raises the chance that your baby's brain will develop well.5
  3. Your baby will likely do better in school as they grow older.6

For Your Family:

  1. It helps place you early on as an equal partner in raising your child.
  2. It lowers the chance of post-birth depression in mom.7
  3. It helps strengthen your relationship with mom by sharing duties for the care of your baby.


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