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Address Social Issues

Address Social Issues

Children from father-absent homes are two to four times more likely to be poor, use drugs, be obese, drop out of school, be abused or neglected, or suffer from emotional and behavioral problems than their peers living in two-parent homes.

For example:

  • Girls from father-absent homes are 7 times more likely to become pregnant as teens
  • Children from father-absent homes are twice as likely to drop out of school

Therefore, one sure-fire way to address some of the toughest social problems we are facing is to ensure that fathers are connected to their children.

By implementing fatherhood programs that are enmeshed within state, local, or county initiatives, you can have maximum impact on your community and reach more fathers at a macro level. Since the mid-1990s, National Fatherhood Initiative has assisted many state, county, and local agencies in their efforts to build a fatherhood program to meet their specific community needs. With our evidence- and research-based programs, high-quality resources, and field-tested training programs, we can help you build an initiative across your state/locality that will engage fathers and strengthen families.

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