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State & Local Government Agency Fatherhood Initiatives

State & Local Government Agency Fatherhood Initiatives

National Fatherhood Initiative® helps agencies assess their own and their partners’ (e.g. grantees’ and community-based organizations') readiness to engage fathers and build capacity to serve fathers with customized strategies, and to mobilize states, counties, and cities to promote father involvement.

We help agencies create affordable, standard, scalable statewide, countywide, and citywide initiatives that make father-engagement efforts easier to manage and evaluate and that can also be integrated into family-focused programs (e.g. child welfare, home visiting, and maternal-child health).

Supporting You. Supporting Fathers. Supporting Families

National Fatherhood Initiative® provides the highest quality and widest range of fatherhood skill-building printed material, workshop and curriculum kits, training, and technical assistance available. As the nation’s leading and most experienced provider of evidence-based and evidence-informed resources and programming designed specifically for fathers, our experienced staff can consult with you to develop a customized solution that will meet your staffing level and budget requirements for serving fathers and their families.

In addition, NFI can work with you to develop custom fatherhood-focused materials for organization on topics of your choice that can include your logo, contact information, and other details about your organization, programs, and services. (Contact us for details and pricing information.)

State and Local agencies are constantly faced with the need to justify programming and show that it leads to meaningful outcomes. NFI’s high-quality programs have built-in evaluation tools to help you serve fathers and provide the evidence you need to prove your impact. By supporting committed and active fatherhood through NFI programs, agencies can reach their goals faster and more efficiently.