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Standardize Fatherhood Programs

Jumpstart your Partners' and/or Grantees' Capacity to Serve Fathers

NFI has extensive experience bringing staff together from several agencies and/or organizations to train them on implementing a broad-based fatherhood program. We can train multiple staff in multiple locations across your city, county, or state, allowing you to implement a single fatherhood program that can be analyzed for impact at a city, county, or state level.

Solution: Fatherhood Program Camps

NFI can deliver training to large numbers of agency staff from various locations with the goal of launching
standardized direct services for fathers across your jurisdiction. In doing so, you will be able to properly measure the impact of any program you implement. 

For 2 days, your agency, partners, and/or grantees come together for fatherhood program training to prepare you to hit the ground running.

  • DAY 1: Capacity building training to ensure you have organizational foundations in place for success. Choose from popular workshops such as The Father Friendly Check-Up™, Bright Spots™, or Social Marketing™
  • DAY 2: Curriculum training on the NFI fatherhood program of your choice: 24/7 Dad®, InsideOut Dad®, Understanding Dad™: An Awareness and Communication Program for Moms, or The 7 Habits of A 24/7 Dad™.

Pricing: $6999 for two days plus the cost of curriculum for participants

For More Info or to Get Started, Contact: 
Erik Vecere, Vice President, Program Support | 240.912.1278