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Train Agency Staff

Increase your Partners' and/or Grantees' Readiness to Serve Fathers

NFI can help your agency (and its partners) increase your ability to serve fathers by assessing your father-friendliness at the state, regional, or local levels - followed by creating and implementing a comprehensive, targeted plan to increase your readiness to engage fathers.

Solution: The Father Friendly Check-Up™ Workshop

NFI can deliver a one day, interactive, capacity building workshop full of solutions and best practices to help your fatherhood program succeed and thrive. The workshop utilizes our Father Friendly Check-Up™ (FFCU) tool as a stepping stone to help you assess the degree to which your organization's operations, activities and programs encourage father involvement.

Our solution also allows you and your partners to process, track, and analyze assessment results quickly and easily.  In the workshop, you will:

  • Learn to create a father-friendly organization from a holistic perspective by identifying the four areas of focus, and creating an organizational culture that can support exceptional fatherhood programs and services
  • Walk away with the foundation for a strategic plan to increase father-friendliness
  • Generate no and low-cost tactics to engage fathers
  • Learn information needed to encourage colleagues/co-workers to complete the Father Friendly Check-Up™
  • Meet others with a passion to serve dads (network), learn about NFI, and about how we can help you develop and sustain exceptional fatherhood programs and services

Follow up Technical Assistance: NFI can also provide technical assistance after the workshop to track and analyze assessment data for an additional fee.

Pricing: $5999 for the workshop; $50 - $140/hour billable rate for additional technical assistance.

For More Info or To Get Started, Contact: 
Erik Vecere, Vice President, Program Support | 240.912.1278