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Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Many children in America have limited contact with their nonresident dads. This leads to a host of risks to their well-being, from teen pregnancy to drug abuse, to poverty, to poor performance at school. Unfortunately, many fathers believe that if they don’t have a job, then they don’t have anything valuable to contribute to their children’s lives. Therefore, we need to create sustained partnerships at the local level in order to help connect dads to both fathering skills and to jobs.

Helping him understand his importance as a dad will give him the motivation he needs to get and keep a job, which will help him feel valuable to his children and to society. Especially fathers who were previously incarcerated.

Since the mid-1990s, National Fatherhood Initiative® has assisted many community-based organizations in their efforts to integrate fatherhood skill-building programs into their workforce development programs. Our experienced fatherhood specialists can work with you to create a customized solution to meet your specific community needs, built on our evidence- and research-based, field-tested programs.

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