Get Started with Father Inclusion

Tips & Tools to Help Your Organization to Better Involve Fathers

1. Determine Your Stage of Father Inclusion

Father inclusion signifies an organization's intentional and proactive approach to including fathers in their programs and services. Learn about the Four Stages of Father Inclusion and how to determine what stage your organization is in.


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2. Assess Your Organization's Father Friendliness

Use the comprehensive Father Friendly Check-Up™, now in its 6th edition, to assess the father friendliness of your organization.


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3. Train Your Staff to Include Fathers


Effective Facilitation Certificate™

Learn to effectively and confidently facilitate NFI or any other fatherhood programs.


Father Engagement

Learn the five core competencies for effective father engagement.


Recruitment & Retention Certificate™

Learn how to consistently recruit and retain fathers in your programs.

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4. Select Fatherhood Programs and Resources

NFI offers a variety of evidence-based and evidence-informed fatherhood programs and other supporting resources to supercharge your program!



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