The Community Mobilization Approach™

Mobilize Your Community around Responsible Fatherhood

In every state and community there are leaders, citizens, and professionals who, on a daily basis,
see and despair about the consequences of father absence.
Unfortunately, they don’t always know what they can do to make a difference. 

Turn feelings of helplessness into focused and constructive action
by rallying around a broad-based fatherhood initiative.


Bring Your Initiative to Life with NFI's Community Mobilization Approach™

  • This unique, structured approach can help a city, county, or state mobilize around responsible fatherhood.
  • NFI’s 3 phase Community Mobilization Approach™ helps you create a multi-sector initiative in one or more communities that will get leaders involved and invested.
  • We have worked with agencies at the city, county, and state levels to help them launch successful, sustained initiatives that have increased the number of programs, services, and other resources that help dads to be the best dads they can be.

The Community Mobilization Approach™ (CMA) Consists of 3 Phases:

  1. Conducting a Needs and Assets Assessment
  2. Holding a Leadership Summit on Fatherhood
  3. Anchoring the Initiative






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