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Resources for Today's Dads (& Moms)


National Fatherhood Initiative® (NFI) is committed to improving the well-being of children in America.

Research shows that when children have involved, responsible, and committed fathers, they express better socio-emotional and academic functioning and grow up to lead happier, healthier lives. Research also demonstrates that father absence is strongly linked to poverty, teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, abuse, suicide, substance and alcohol abuse, and a host of other issues.

There is often a fine line between a child growing up to be a positive, constructive member of your community…and not. NFI’s fatherhood skill-building resources and programs pull more lives back over that line. We encourage parents to take advantage of the wealth of research and knowledge available on our site. Here are some tools to help you build your skills and connect to your children and family

Download Free eBook > 5 Questions Every 24/7 Dad Asks

This eBook helps you answer the five most important questions around beign a great dad.

Track Your Child's Growth > Countdown to Growing Up Tool

Our free, interactive Countdown to Growing Up tool helps you know what to expect and not to expect in terms of your child's growth from birth to 18+ years old. You can also use the tool to take notes and save for your next visit to the pediatrician!

Mentor a Child or Dad > Become a Double Duty Dad™

As an involved dad, you already know how to be a great role model for a child. You can use your experience to make a difference to a fatherless child in your circle of influence; we call this being a Double Duty Dad™. Our free, Double Duty Dad™ Guide gives you guidance for becoming a father figure to a child with whom you already have a personal, trusting relationship with the mother or guardian, such as your neighbor, niece, nephew, or friends through church or school. You can also be a Double Duty Dad™ by mentoring another father.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Connecting with Your Child

This eBook is designed to help dads of school-aged or teen children to connect more deeply with their children. Easy questions and exercises make it easy to connect!

Get Tips & Tools for Fathering > The Father Factor Blog

NFI’s blog has tons of great articles to help you with all aspects of fathering.

Find More Free Resources

NFI has lots of other free resources, such as articles and downloadable guides, to help you in your fathering journey.