Corrections Fatherhood Programs

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Solutions for Incarcerated Fathers

As the nation’s leading and most experienced provider of evidence-based and evidence-informed resources and programming designed specifically for incarcerated fathers, National Fatherhood Initiative® partners with corrections systems, facilities, and organizations to integrate fatherhood programming into rehabilitation and reentry efforts. Our affordable, cost-effective resources and programs address criminogenic needs and support cognitive-behavioral interventions.

Supporting You. Supporting Fathers. Supporting Families

NREPP-LogoNational Fatherhood Initiative® provides the highest quality and widest range of fatherhood skill-building printed material, workshop and curriculum kits, training, and technical assistance available. Our experienced staff can consult with youto develop a customized solution that will meet your staffing level and budget requirements for serving fathers and their families.

Research and evidence based reentry program InsideOut Dad® and a variety of other resources such as the InsideOut Dad® Guide to Family Ties and InsideOut Dad® Christian helps to break the intergenerational cycle of incarceration and lower recidivism rates.

Developed in collaboration with seasoned practitioners working with incarcerated fathers, NFI’s programs are easy to use, affordable, and practical to apply. NFI’s programs and resources can be scaled to suit the needs of your facility from low-intensity self-help aids to high-impact workshops and programs. Your facility can provide fathers with resources that help them to connect with their children and family while in your custody and after release.

Evidence-Based Programs

Implementing evidence-based programs is important because they have solid research behind them proving their effectiveness. Often times, government agencies and certain foundations or grantors require use of an evidence-based program if it is to be funded.
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Address Criminogenic Needs

Working with incarcerated men, specifically around their fatherhood role, has many benefits. In particular, the InsideOut Dad® Program has a cognitive-behavioral basis/foundation and addresses several criminogenic needs of incarcerated fathers.
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Reduce Recidivism

We can all agree it is ideal for men to get out of prison or jail, become a successful, contributing member of society, and stay out. Giving incarcerated fathers a vision that they have a unique and irreplaceable role in the life of their child along with increased confidence and changes in attitude and skills is a powerful motivator for successful reentry. Fathers who are involved with, and connected with their children and families prior to release are less likely to return to jail or prison. In fact, some individual states have conducted evaluations that connect the use of IoD along with other interventions to reduced recidivism.
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Successful Reentry

Successful reentry is one of the greatest challenges facing America today, especially the future of our children. In fact, the greatest predictor of whether a child will wind up in prison is whether his parent(s) – namely the father – was in prison. Despite the daunting challenges that fathers face upon their release, did you know that giving incarcerated fathers a vision that they have a unique and irreplaceable role in the life of their child and when dads connect with their children and families (especially prior to release,) they’re more likely to stay out of prison? It’s true!
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Sustainable Programs

Corrections facilities of all types have immense inmate-related costs that must be closely managed. Therefore, it’s important that facilities choose programs that are sustainable for the long term - and fatherhood programming in jails or prisons is no different.
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Maintain Facility Safety/Order

It has been said, “Idleness is a devil’s workshop”. Facility safety is of utmost importance in the corrections environment and benefits the Prison/Jail warden(s) as well as fellow inmates. Fatherhood Programs in particular can help to engage inmates and encourage good behavior. By connecting inmates to their role as a man, and specifically as a father, they are more engaged in that aspect of their life and in turn, can help to create a peaceful, contented environment as much as possible.
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Programs for Short-Stay Facilities

Just because a father is in a jail or short-term stay facility (such as a Halfway House or Rescue Mission), doesn't mean he can’t benefit from programs, workshops, or other fatherhood skill-building resources that can help him be a better dad. Research shows that fathers who connect with their children (and families) prior to release have a higher likelihood of staying out of jail/prison.
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