Free Sample > 14 Vital Topics for Staff to Discuss with Moms to Increase Dad's Involvement

14-critical-issues-to-discuss.jpgDo you work with a mother who can’t seem to say one nice thing about the father of their children? 

Do you ever wonder why a certain couple can’t seem to put their children first—who think about no one other than themselves?

This resource will aide you in having discussions with moms at any time and in any setting about the importance of a father's involvement and how she can help to encourage his involvement for the benefit of her children.

A valuable resource to aide you in having discussions with:

  • moms at any time and in any setting,
  • organizations who work one-on-one with moms can use this guide to lead discussions and facilitate valuable, structured conversations - especially in home-visiting settings. 

This guide is helpful to those who make presentations to moms in the community, such as:

  • at schools
  • businesses/workplaces,
  • and for those who already run a group-based parenting program or workshop and wish to delve deeper into certain topics.

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