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Become a Double Duty Dad®!


24 million children are growing up in America without their father in the home. You probably know at least one.

You can make a difference:

1) to a fatherless child in your circle of influence or
2) mentor another dad. 

Our Double Duty Dad Guide will equip you to:

  • identify a child within your circle of influence (your extended family or social network) who needs a mentor
  • invest in the child and build a relationship
  • share your fathering experience with another dad who needs help as a father

Your commitment to be a Double Duty Dad will change everything.

Take the Pledge

I’m committed to being a Double Duty Dad®. I will do my best to protect, nurture, and guide a child or father I choose to mentor.

This pledge includes looking out for the child’s or father’s safety and well-being. I will model involved, responsible, and committed fatherhood. I will lead by example and avoid activities or behaviors that would not set a good precedent for a child or father I choose to mentor. 

I will keep my commitment to the child or father I choose to mentor, and I will strive to mentor with integrity. I desire to never stop growing and learning how to be a better father, mentor, and friend to children and other fathers.

Took the pledge? Now get our guide to help you live the pledge!

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