Free eBook for State and Local Agencies > Creating Effective and Scalable Local Fatherhood Programs and Initiatives

state-local-persona-ebook.pngFather absence is to blame for many of our most intractable social ills. What can be done on a large scale to involve as many influencers as possible to work together toward helping a city or state engage fathers?

When it comes to fatherhood on a state and local scale, we have experience working with agencies to build fatherhood programs and initiatives that stand the test of time.

Here's what you'll find in this eBook for State and Local Agencies:

  • The Proof of Father Absence
  • What Fathers Need
  • Partnering with NFI
  • Training Agency Partners
  • Father Involvement Strategy and Planning
  • Standardized Fatherhood Programs
  • Mobilizing Communities Around Responsible Fatherhood
  • Case Study on a Fatherhood Program Camp

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