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No, I'm Not the BabySitter, I'm the Dad.

Posted by Ryan Sanders

The following is a post from Jim Mckenzie. Jim is a passionate dad of seven (7) young home-birthed children. He is publisher of Every Little Thing Birth and Beyond 360 Magazine and blogs at The Fatherhood Biz. Get details on the Every Thing For Dads Convention and follow Jim on Twitter. Interested in blogging for us? Read our guest blog guidelines.

I was speaking to my buddy Hank Baskett (NFL, Kendra On Top) the other day, who told me that when he’s out and about in public with his son without his wife Kendra, he constantly asked by strangers if he is "babysitting" his son, and he always replies “No, I'm taking care of my child…babysitting is something that one is paid to do for other people’s children!” Well said Hank, I say!

every thing for dads convention florida

Why I Need Your Help—And Why You Should Care…

Most dads with whom I speak have experienced this condescension; this attitude has no place in 21st Century parenting, which I advocate (as those of you who read my free online magazine Every Little Thing Birth and Beyond 360 already know) is best served by the full inclusion and involvement of both parents in the parenting process. The involvement and recognition of the role of dads in parenting benefits entire families, and, therefore society as a whole.

The statistics that there are 24 million dads who have no contact with their children, and that in some sections of society as many as 80% of children are growing up without a dad, are frightening; this scenario needs to be changed, for the sake of a generation of our children.

So I want to change that, now! Here's how I'm doing it...

The Every Thing For Dads Convention in March 15 2014 in Sarasota, Florida

This is my call to action to all of the committed parents who support the mutual aims of my Every Thing For Dads Convention 2014, and my friends at National Fatherhood Initiative to come and join us on March 15 2014 in Sarasota Florida. This is a one day celebration of a new beginning for modern dads, where you’ll be educated and entertained!

First off, have a look at the video, and learn a little about why I’m spending all my waking hours to fulfill this dream! Join me and show that you too have the heart and with passion for the cause of better parenting!   

AME Media Group is staging the first national Dads Convention on behalf of the Every Thing For Dads Foundation 501c in March 2014, hosted by NFL and TV Reality Star Hank Baskett, with VIP Guest NFL Superstar Plaxico Buress (and his wonderful wife Tiffany Glenn Buress), and Reginald Roundtree, Senior News Anchor from Tampa Bay 10 News.  

So we have very cool dads who are celebrities, expert presenters, speakers and every day dads like you and me and it’ll be great time to bring your family and visit beautiful sunny Sarasota, SW Florida, which also has the #1 rated white sandy beach in the country! 

I am also making a unique documentary film project and series about fatherhood, so you are also invited to come and be filmed to express your views and give your best tips, if you’re not camera shy!  

What Does the Convention Include?

  • Conference admission 
  • VIP Celebrity breakfast meet and greet, Lunch, Dinner with VIP Celebrity Guests
  • Attendance to the 2014 Mega Dads Awards
  • Networking party with VIP Celebrity Guests
  • Fatherhood Panel Q and A with live Twitter interaction 
  • Access to all presentations, workshops and key note speeches
  • Admission to the Dads Chill Zone™ Evening entertainment
  • Giveaways, prizes and surprises
  • …and if you can’t get there, or afford to get there (tickets are at as low cost as I can make it, and you can get a discounted ticket for 2 or more people for $129 each until Christmas, and spaces are limited), I’ve not forgotten you either! The event will be on a Live stream that you can view from the comfort of your own home and Twitter feed.  

Call Me, Maybe…

There is still time for you to nominate any great dads, from any walk of life who you think deserves recognition for a MEGA DAD award—make your nomination here. You might want a particular subject included at the event, in which case send me your ideas; or I’d love you to tell me who you would like to see speak at this event, and I’ll do my level best to get them to come! Life is about pursuance of dreams, and big dreams can come true – the proof is the very existence of this convention, which was merely the seed of an idea at the beginning of 2013! Email me at

Well people, the lack of fatherhood skills and involvement of dads in this generation of children’s lives (coined “The Father Factor” by National Fatherhood Initiative) is, in my personal view, one of the most enormous problems that society faces right now—but it is one that is capable of one of the quickest remedies, if the problem is recognized, faced down and truly practical advice and solutions applied.

So let’s make the changes happen - come and join us…

I’m a person who finds his motivation from taking action rather than quotes, but this one resonates with me as both a reflection of my short journey putting this celebration together: 

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "Press On" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race” —Calvin Coolidge

Press on with me, people!  

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