The Stages of Father Inclusion™

father inclusion (noun)
\ ˈfäT͟Hər inˈklo͞oZH(ə)n \

Definition of father inclusion

1  : the intentional and proactive approach to involving dads in interactions with families

2  : an organization has an environment that welcomes fathers

3  : an organization provides father-specific programs, services, and resources that speak to dads in their unique role as a father

Is your organization fully embracing father inclusion?
Find out which stage you’re in!

Choose the statement below that best reflects your organization and plan your next steps!


(Aware Stage) We need to raise staff's awareness about the importance of father inclusion before we build the capacity to be father inclusive.


(Prepare Stage) Staff is aware of the importance of father inclusion, and we’re ready to build their capacity before we launch a father-inclusive effort.


(Launch Stage) We’ve built staff capacity and identified a father-inclusive effort but haven’t launched it.


(Maintain & Grow Stage) We’ve launched a father-inclusive effort, and we’re ready to maintain it and grow its impact.

Next steps:

  1. Watch the introductory video below, and the video for the stage you are in.
  2. Visit the Action Page mentioned in the video for your stage to access resources to help your organization progress and grow its impact!

Watch These Videos to Learn About
the Stages of Father Inclusion™

Introduction Video: The Stages of Father Inclusion™

Stage 1 Video: Aware


Stage 2 Video: Prepare


Stage 3 Video: Launch


Stage 4 Video: Maintain & Grow