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Address Poverty & Crime

Address Poverty & Crime

With 24 million children in America living daily without their biological fathers—one in three children— there is a father factor in poverty and crime.

For example:

  • Children from father-absent homes are four times more likely to be poor
  • A child with an incarcerated father is 7 times more likely to become incarcerated himself

Father absence and poverty are strongly related. Data shows that it’s more difficult to get fathers to provide financial support when they are not married to the mother and when they lack an emotional connection to their children.

Further, the “story behind the story” of a violent crime committed in America reveals a “crime of fatherlessness.” Good fathers serve as regulators of aggressive behavior, particularly for young boys. But it’s not just boys, the fastest growing prison population is young girls and women, many of whom have grown up in father-absent homes.

By engaging fathers in the lives of their children, we can work to reduce poverty and crime.

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