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The Father Engagement Experience™:
A Unique, Inspiring, and Effective Planning Retreat
Like None Other


Your group will walk away with an ACTIONABLE Father Engagement GAME PLAN™.

> > Click here to Download a Sample of what your 
Father Engagement Game Plan™ could look like! < <




WHAT is the Father Engagement Experience™?

  • An invigorating, interactive, in-person strategic planning session facilitated by National Fatherhood Initiaitive staff.
  • Your group uses NFI's design process to determine the main focus of the session(s) and what you will accomplish.
  • The facilitator uses storyboards, Pure Form Thinking (e.g. not mixing the use of the left and right sides of the brain), and multi-voting tactics to accomplish goals and help you design strategies.
  • The Experience™ results in your customized Father Engagement Game Plan™ (see sample here) that you will use to accomplish great things.



WHO is It For?

  • Any organization, agency, or foundation looking to engage fathers more effectively in the broader work they do with families.

WHEN Should We Use It?

  • Ideal for strategic planning sessions, staff retreats, board of directors retreats, staff meetings, or collaborative meetings.


WHY Should We Use the Father Engagement Experience™?

  • The Father Engagement Experience™ cuts through clutter and distractions that can bog down decision making, planning and strategic action.
  • You will walk away with a visual plan and ACTIONABLE items with which to move forward.
  • People LOVE it! It's a very different type of planning experience where everyone feels they have been able to contribute in a meaningful way.



Timing, Location, and Investment

  • The Father Engagement Experience™ lasts for 2 days.
  • Your group of 10-20 participants will come together at your organization's location or other location of your choice.
  • Investment: $9,999 includes all pre-preparation, planning materials, travel to your location, and session facilitation by an NFI staff person.

Writing a Father Engagement Plan
Make a Difference for Fathers in Your Community.

Begin Planning Today.

  • Contact Erik Vecere, Vice President of Program Support for more information and to schedule your Father Engagement Experience™.
  • Phone: 240-912-1278 or Email: