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Increase Father Involvement

Increase Father Involvement

24 million children in the United States live without their biological father at home. And unfortunately, many excellent social service programs focus mainly (or solely) on resources for mothers and children. But what about skill-building for fathers? How are they being served?

From your organization’s intake forms, to the attitudes and behaviors of staff, to the family programs offered, it’s important to consider father-focused programs and resources in your work. Often, increased father involvement is a “means to an end” because an involved father brings many benefits to mothers and children.

So, you’re convinced you need to do something for dads. But now you may be asking:

  • What should we offer fathers?
  • How do we start a fatherhood program and recruit dads?
  • How can we keep and build up dads once we get them involved?

Enter NFI’s low, medium, and high intensity fatherhood skill-building resources that help you customize fatherhood programs to engage dads in a way that is unique for your organization and setting. You choose your implementation strategy - NFI provides you with the approach and tools to create a cohesive and effective fatherhood program.

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