Responsible Fatherhood Programs + Resources

The highest quality and widest range of responsible fatherhood skill-building resources,
programs, training, and technical assistance available.

Together, we can create a world in which every child has a 24/7 Dad.


NFI offers a wide range of responsible fatherhood program and free parenting resources

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Core Fatherhood Programs

< Everything you need to launch a responsible fatherhood program. >
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24/7 DAD: A Fatherhood Program for Any Dad

A Fatherhood Program
for Any Dad

InsideOut Dad Program: Evidence-Based Fatherhood Program for Incarcerated Fathers

A Fatherhood Program
for Incarcerated Dads

Understanding Dad: A Program for Moms on Father Involvement

A Program for Moms
on Father Involvement


A Short-Length Fatherhood Workshop

Fathering in 15: An Online Learning Program for Dads

An Online Learning Program for Dads

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FatherTopics™ Booster Sessions

< Address important fatherhood topics alongside any responsible fatherhood program. >

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FatherTopics Collection for Non-Custodial Dads

Non-Custodial Dads

Fathertopics Booster Session: Mom as Gateway

Maternal Gatekeeping

Fathertopics Booster Session: Talking with Mom


Fathertopics Booster Session: Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Other Parenting Resources

<  Covering a variety of important topics for fathers and mothers. Many available in Spanish. >
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Father Facts 8

Fatherhood Skill-Building Brochures


Pocketbooks and Pocketguides for Dads and Moms

Pocket Guides

Tip Cards for Moms and Dads

Tip Cards

Fatherhood Posters


Fatherhood resource Bundles

Resource Bundles


Child Development 

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